Australasian Training Aids (ATA):

Kenneth Harry Gillam: The inventor of the pop-up target (D.A.R.T.) and ATA. Lindsay Partnered with Ken and subsequently developed ATA into a World force in Livefire Training. (NOTE: this information precedes my knowledge from 1977 and has been supplied via email. I trust it's validity and feel it should be incorporated for historical reasons.)

Australasian Training Aids (ATA) - Albury:

the 'Pre-and-post Receiver' days from 1977:

Some remembered people, sort-of chronologically met, but moreso, 'just remembered,' eventually surviving the ATA Receiver or losing their ATA job: (Thanks for updates to: Ross Wheeler; Kevin Mayhew; Carolyn Hamilton.)

Lindsay Charles Knight: Developer of Australasian Training Aids to a World Business. Died at home, Lyne Street on 4 December 2002 age 75

Winifred Knight: LCK's wife. Died at The Grange, Thurgoona on 3 February 2017 age 88

Tony Bender: LCK RH Man. Survived. Made redundant by ADI. Now retired in Albury.

Graham Hayward: Software Engineer. Survived and joined Hub Technology. Got a job at the Papermill. Died 5 March 2019.

Les Clay: I first met Les in UK. He was there for a short time. He started with ATA in 1967 and established the Drawing Office. As things grew he took-on Documentation and other responsibilities. Retired to Howlong.

Major Edgar & Gladyce Davis: ATA techo person and wife in ATA UK. Edgar died. Gladys moved from Hartley Witney in 2005 to a retirement home in Chichester. Edgar Davis was the first ATA representative in the UK and travelled extensively in Britain and Europe for ATA in the early days in his little camper van and was quite a Character!

Peter & Carolyn Hamilton: Peter and Carolyn were sent to the UK to set up ATA UK Aimtru House in 1977, and returned to ATA Albury in 1980. Carolyn stayed on until the Receivers came in. Peter started his own real estate business Peter Hamilton Real Estate in 1987 and then they both started and operated Ray White Albury in Lavington in 1990 until selling the business in 2007. Carolyn started at ATA straight from school in 1969! Both now retired living at Thurgoona and playing golf! Caroline is a daughter of LCK.

Tim Cornwall: Ex Tankie Brit Major. Recruited as Salesman. Left to become burser at girls college thence joined Murray Electricity and got fired. Believed to be making/selling log cabins.

Karl Dittler: Engineer. Survived. Made redundant by ADI. Now runs his own company performing R&D in Albury.

Terry Curtis: Sales & Export. Left before Receivership. Now lives in China running own Company.

Julian Glaser: Recruited as lab manager. Lasted 6 months. Fired. Back in UK working for a Braille typewriter company.

Ingrid Bergman??: LCK secretary. Died.

Ilonah Trulah: Purchasing. Now working for the sight disabled society in Albury.

Ray Borman: Factory Test Technician. Went to UK Office to be Technician there. Married Elaine from UK Office. He currently lives in Hook and is divorced from Elaine.

Dave Cash: Worked for Fulmer when I first met him. Subsequently recruited by ATA. Survived all the Receivers to become ADI lab manager and made redundant when Polytronic took over ADI. Now retired and living up north.

Frank Burke: ATA GM. Left before Receiver days to become a Financial Consultant. Whereabouts unknown.

Denise Trebly: Telephonist. Died 2010.

Ron Furness: Sales. Left and now in Real Estate. Ron and Barbara Furness are both now retired and living at Hume Gardens Retirement Village in North Albury

Barbara Furness: Ran typing pool. Joined Hub Technology. Presumably helping Ron now.

Vicky Shadbolt: Word processor operator. Whereabouts unknown.

Andrew Kennedy: Contracts and sales. Survived through to ADI days. Believed to be running Dave's Dyno in Albury, now Kennedy's Auto Care.

Rick Jones: Company secretary. Allegedly won $M1 after leaving. Died. Rick's wife, Gwen Jones, has since died 20 May 2013 they had moved to Murray Gardens Retirement Village

Ronald Rattray: ATA Shareholder. Died.

Dave Munro: Admin Services. Died.

Warren Wilks: ATA pilot. Drops in now and again at Range.

Phyl Parkes: Production Control. Died 5 August 2016.

Rowena Parkes: Daughter of Mrs. Parkes.

Brian Compton: Technical Services manager. Went to HP. Died.

Rita Compton: Head of Perrsonnel. Brian's wife. Died

Les Adams: Recruited as a Mechanical Engineer. Became lab manager. Thought LCD watches consumed large current! Left one year later.

Terry Adams: Son of Les. Worked as Lab 'gofor.' Whereabouts unknown.

Terry Smith: Technician. Made redundant. Now sells / services Computers at Compnetronics in Albury.

Steve Bullock: Electrician / Electronics Technician. Left to run an Hotel. Lives in Sydney.

Laurie Granger: Engineer, Made redundant. Joined Wodonga TAFE. Whereabouts unknown.

Ross Edwards: Factory metalwork shop now production manager with Spitwater (Australia) in Albury.

Colin Darts: Factory. Left and believed to have started an electronics service shop. Now retired, past President of Albury Legacy.

Dave Edwards: Electrical apprentice. Now production staff for tissue manufacturer in Albury.

Peter Beckwith: Lab Technician for a short time. Whereabouts unknown.

Bryan Green: Survived all Receivers. Now Chief software engineer at ATSPL.

Roy Casey: Technician. Survived to ADI days but left and works for Rytmar Technologies.

John Keogh: Technician. Made redundant and rumoured to have opened a 'Dick Smith' type of shop in central Australia.

Bob Nelson: Survived. Made redundant by ADI. Now retired.

Rosalind Rodrigues: Typographer. Became LCK Personal Secretary. Survived all redundancies. Used to work for Milspec the Fallon Street manufacturing factory that was ATA. Now retired.

Alan Shaw: Sales Manager, Asia. Died.

Graham Summers: QA Manager. Survived. Became Engineering Manager, DART Defence. Made redundant by DART. Died.

'Budge' Burgess: QA tech. Left to sell hydraulic bits before receivership. Now retired. Living in Howlong.

Graham Nash: Factory Manager. Survived. Made redundant by ADI. Started a local mechanical engineering company.

Max Small: Factory Manager. Died.

Alex Mitrovitch: Handbook chap. Left before receivership. Died.

Irene Causivich: Draughtsperson. Whereabouts unknown.

Joyce Walsh: Secretary. Left and went to Municipal work Albury.

Jim Kermode: Ex Pommie seargent ran ATA Range. Died.

Alastair Cameron: Purchasing. Scots chap. Whereabouts unknown.

Sammy & Audrey Knox: Ran ATA Iran and ATA Jordan offices, passed away at Upwell, Norfolk UK on 21 September 2013. Audrey Knox currently lives at Upwell Norfolk age 91.

Graham Krautz: Sales. Lives in Albury, running an oil-cleanup business.

Joe Bendzius: Storeman. Survived and now with Milspec.

Tom Hills: Paintshop manager. Whereabouts unknown.

Dave Langdon: Mechanical Engineer. Whereabouts unknown.

John Atkinson: Electronic Engineer. Windows System Administrator INFO TECH.

Frank Grez: Computer Operations Supervisor. Whereabouts unknown.

Mike Johnston: Electrician. Left for the Mill. Now retired building motorcycles in Howlong.

Chris McCauliffe: Technician. Left to teach in Wagga. Whereabouts unknown.

Bruce Klempke: Installation. Died week 20 to 25 August 2007.

John & Joyce Hayes: Installation. Very early ATA employees. Whereabouts unknown. Joyce died at Jindera nursing home 16 June 2015 age 90, John died at Bupa nursing home Wodonga 17 January 15 age 88

Geoff Sherwell: Factory mechanical chap. Now with MARS Wodonga.

Alex Mitrovich: Catalogue Manager. Wherabouts unknown.

Greg Collette: Handbook writer. Left to start own company. Now living in Canterbury (Melbourne).

Peter Martin: Handbook writer. Left to start own company initially with Greg Colette. Whereabouts unknown.

Noelle Dunn: Handbook writer. Left and became a religious minister. Whereabouts unknown.

Mark Wright: Apprentice. Survived. Made redundant by ADI. Started Rytmar Technologies.

Greg Cosgrove: Apprentice. Made redundant. Started own business. Joined FATS in Albury. Joined their competitors.

Mrs Greg Cosgrove: (Apologies, cannot remember name.) Drawing office, Print room person. Married Greg.

Jeff Phillipson: Survived. Made redundant by ADI. Started Waybush and now retired.

Peter Boyland: Engineer. Recruited the same time as Jeff Phillipson. Lasted 1 year and joined ADFA as a technical officer.

Frank Wood: Technician. Recruited the same time as Jeff Phillipson. Fired and spent a lot of time out of work. Got a job at Parkes Earth Station.

Keith Jenkins: Sales. Became UAE Sales Rep. Now works for USA training company in UAE.

Robert Phillips: Engineer ex CCL. At my suggestion he was contacted by LCK and came out on contract to do many design tasks. At CCL RBP taught me a great deal about electronics theory. He could also, when annoyed, throw a telephone handset from 5m distance and get it to securely land on it's cradle!! He went back to UK to start an ultrasonic enterprise that is very successful.

Peter Broadbent: Mechanical Designer. Went freelance. Whereabouts unknown. Last heard of in Perth.

Chris Jordan: Draftsman. Went to ADFA but returned to join Hub Technology Resources. Joined Belves-DART Defence then ADI and left with Kevin McKinnon to start FATS Australia. Ex GM of FATS (Australia.) Now MEGGIT. Retired.

Gary Tolley: Draftsman. Survived. Made redundant when Polytronic bought ADI. Runs a local one-man consultancy. Gary died suddenly on Monday 16 May 2016 in Sydney, at the age of 66.

John Deimel: Drawing Office. Left and started own consultancy. Believed to have purchased an Albury Caravan Park and now running it.

Noel Watson: Factory Engineer. Now contracting to Rytmar Technologies.

Dave Watson: Groundsman. Lives in Lavington, now retired.

Geof Rollings: Groundsman. Whereabouts unknown.

Bert Russell: Time & motion analyst. Now retired in Bendigo. Died 10 March 2011.

Keith Raine: Storeman. Died 22 September 2005.

Geoff Loneragan: Survived. Made redundant by ADI. Whereabouts unknown.

Bruce Boardman: Lab mechanical chap. Got a job at the Papermill at Ettamogah before Receivership. Whereabouts unknown.

Tony Collins: Purchasing chap. Made redundant many times over the years. Had a local band. Whereabouts unknown.

Terry Shipton (Shippo): Lab mechanical chap. Survived but made redundant by ADI. Went freelance for several years. Worked for ADI in Benalla. Died 23 December 2006.

Paul Roberts: Mechanical chap. Made redundant. Opened a bookstore in Albury. Whereabouts unknown.

Russell Fox: Cleaner. Living in Albury and barracking Brumby the Victorian PM about "The Pipeline.".

Ruth Cropper: Typographer. Whereabouts unknown.

Grant McIntosh: Electronics apprentice. Started a cleaning business.

Kevin Scholz: Chief Accountant / Company Secretary. Now living in Howlong.

Bernard Douglas-Jones: Later recruited to Management Srvices. Left to join Local Government.

Mike Cahill: Press Agent. Living in Albury.

Pat Costello: Assistant Stores Controller. Whereabouts unknown.

Peter Worrall: PPC Manager. Returned to UK then came back as Factory Controller. Whereabouts unknown.

Noel Fielder: Accounts. Whereabouts unknown.

John Fielder: Q A Technician. Whereabouts unknown.

Russell Sharp: QA apprentice. Survived to become ADI QA Manager. Was QA Manager for Milspec.

"Billie": Factory, then Lab Technician. Died in motorcycle accident.

Len Derkatz: Sale Manager replacing Cameron. Left. Whereabouts unknown.

Len Kynaston: Technician Now with MILSPEC.

Dave Bradshaw: Chief Production Engineer. Whereabouts unknown.

Noel Elliot: Apprentice Test Department. Joined gaming machine company. Whereabouts unknown.

Paul Wilkins: Test Technician. Went to Melbourne. Returned ABX repairing TV's. Whereabouts unknown.

Ross Wheeler: Engaged as software apprentice. Went to Jordan (for 10 days that turned into 10 months) with Robert Phillips to install target range. Left and started Albury Local Internet. (Thanks, Ross, for update on names etc.)

Graeme Pitson: Handbook writer. Survived and now with ATSPL.

Trevor Jacob: Planning Officer. Whereabouts unknown.

Graham Grove: Dispatch packing supervisor. Whereabouts unknown.

Linton Haberman: Mechanical Section, Leading Hand. Whereabouts unknown.

Lois Ziebel: Line Supervisor. Whereabouts unknown.

W. G. Barkla: Mechanical Inspector. Whereabouts unknown.

Len(?) Ziebel: Electrical Foreman. Whereabouts unknown.

N. Williams: Leading hand Rx Section. Whereabouts unknown.

Enid Fuller: Leading hand Mod. Section. Whereabouts unknown.

Steve McLeod: Import / Export Officer. Whereabouts unknown.

Geoff Sherwill: Production Engineer. Thought to have joined Uncle Bens.

Michael Mitchell: Purchasing Department. Died quite young.

Liz Moss: Sales typist. Whereabouts unknown.

Peter Dickson: Project Engineer factory. Left and joined Inductoheat. Thought to be in USA.

Dennis Fryer: Training Officer. Wherabouts unknown.

Vic Anastasi: Audio Visual & Publicity. Went to Army, Bandiana. Died.

Warren Whittaker: Ex Colonel Brit Army. Range Consultant. Now retired living in Melbourne.

Brian McKeon: Son of Alan McKeon who bought LCK Electrical business and turned it into Electro-Industrial Maintenance Company (EIMCO). Brian spent a short time with ATA and ran EIMCO very successfully until it closed for personal reasons. He now runs a fan business.

Dean Ried: Factory wireman. Joined ATA lab as a Technician. Made redundant. Worked for EIMCO until closure, now works for ARKON in Wodonga.

Trevor Freeman: Test Department Supervisor. Left before Receiver to work in UK. Returned and started Consoft a successful local software company.

Ron Duncan: Became ATA QA manager. Joined MacQuarrie Worsteds. Whereabouts unknown.

Colin Moscrop: Electronic Engineer, Test Section. Whereabouts unknown.

Terry Dineen: Sales Manager. Survived to ADI days then left. Joined Howard Pyrotechnics.

Geoff Brown: Sales Manager. Survived and joined Plessey. Currently living in Holbrook. Retired.

Greg Petts: Sales apprentice. Was GM ATSPL. Company now sold.

Kevin McKinnon: Electrical apprentice. Survived receiverships to become GM of ADI. Resigned to start FATS Australia. Resigned from FATS. Started own Company, MilTect. Whereabouts unknown, but seen at the grog-shop.

Andrew Treloar: Test Technician. Whereabouts unknown.

Kevin Mayhew: Personnel manager. Now the Housing Services Officer, Office of Housing & Community, Hume Region.

Karl Boltwood: Factory Electrical Technician. Whereabouts unknown.

Peter Worral: Factory Manager. Came and went back to UK then came back to join DART Defence when LCK lost ATA. Whereabouts unknown.

Sam Maxwell: QA Inspector. Lives in Howlong. Seen at the IGA.

Heidi Koniken: Factory assembler. Now with MilSpec.

Wendy MacFarland: Typist. Central Registry. Left and moved to Corowa. Thought to be back in ABX.

Peter Knight: LCK's eldest son. Worked and lived for a few years with his family in ATA Jordan installing ranges now lives in Lavington and currently works as Technician for Cloud Copy Click Albury

Robert Knight: LCK's youngest son. Llives in Lavington, no longer runs Knight Industries as its closed down, does his own thing in the oil exploration field.

Greg Fawcett: Metalworker now pattern maker in Albury.

Peter Robinson: Draftsman now self employed draftsman.

Peter Colquhoun: old time friend of LCK, also acted as ATA company solicitor, was past shareholder with the Colquhoun family in the early days. Passed away 2/2/2000

Ken Harvey: Factory. Works for Lavenco in Dallinger Industrial Estate.

Anthony Labrozzi: Ran ATA USA.

Roy Laughead: Now in charge of operations ATA USA.

Evelyn M. Takach: ATA USA Secretary.

Freddy Brewer: Ran ATA UK.

John Bradshaw: Audio-Visual Consultant, ATA UK, lives in the Isle of Wight.

Andrew Clark: ATA UK Technician.

Len Roberts: ATA UK Technician.

David Pratt: Marketing Manager UK: 1978-1979: His memory pictures HERE.

John Kennelly: Old school 'friend' of LCK. Allegedly bought ATA for $M2.4 and sold it 18 months later for $M24. Lives in Boca Roton Florida USA. Thought his company in Chapter 11? Believed to be still alive, would be 92. His wife Barbara died 2015.

Many "mental pictures" are in this reconstruct, many, many names not surfacing from this reconstruct.......

(If you are not on this list I apologise. If you can think of names missed or erroneous please advise.)


"Stuck in a 'Moment.""

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