ATA- Albury - the 'HUB' days:

HUB Technology commenced enthusiastically. There were two 'MD's', Lindsay and Ralph Tobias, an inventor. We had 13 patents to investigate and capitalise on, turn them into profitable companies. These were rationalised:

I added others of my own, Petty-Patent covered inventions that weren't well received:

LCK concentrated on the lucerne cuber. In his view it proferred the best 'return' if successful. Most of the investment money was spent on this device over the ten months or so the venture lasted.

Eventually, the money ran out and the staff mostly returned to DART Defence Industries.

No one received any 'promised' money. Some investigated lawsuit. Everyone was really 'pissed'!

I was kept on while the main investor closed the venture down.

Lindsay called me a bastard and accused me of telling the Hub Board that I refused to work for him any more.

Interestingly enough most of the staff had voiced this, but not me.

It hurt.

Maybe not as much as he hurt.

The next week he apologised and he started the game, 'What I've done for you.......' We sort of came out 'quits'.

Maybe I was a fool to think this but he was 'him' and I was 'me'.

I ceased to want to 'do' stuff for him.

When my time expired I left Hub Technology and attempted to work for myself. It would have been much easier had his promised $$ been honoured.

I never saw LCK for some time.


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