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Friday, 14 October 2005:

We are constantly being inundated with this 'New' Reform of the Workplace. It's 'Selling' has cost 'Us' $Millions! Just like the 'GST' that was 'Never to be, a-priori,' this homunculus has arrived for the 'better' good of 'Us?'

iwishihad wonders how WE ALLOW this to happen?

Surely, Governments, elected by the people, in true Democracy, are elected to KNOW and EXPEDITE the WILL of the PEOPLE? This is DEMOCRACY, isn't it? So, why, after PROMISING, NO GST, was it introduced? And introduced UNFAIRLY? A 'Tax on a Tax (or Excise, Stamp Duty, et-alia?)

Now we have this change in 'Workplace' Agreements? For WHOM is it for?

If for 'Us,' then the Government is really acting on our behalf and performing the task WE ELECTED it to perform. If for 'OTHER REASONS,' then, NO, it's not for 'Us.'

Bit like 'Saddam,' somewhat?

There is, unfortunately, NO way we can stop it. Just like GST it will be thrust upon us and for WHAT purpose only time will tell. There is no real 'MORE,' just a sadness that WE let things accumulate to this STATE!

BUT then, maybe we can't see the 'Big Picture' that will make the 'coffers' bloat, allowing the purchase of a few 'Black helicopters' to make Our Place a safer, 'Place?'


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