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iwishihad help for domain registration and iwishihad website design:

iwishihad has been often asked to help in the above tasks and is pleased to do so.

iwishihad offers no complex "Flash" stuff, huge images, merely a simple design and help function.

If you are happy with the download speed and styles of iwishihad pages, help for you would be of similar format. Just getting YOUR information to your "Wisher" as quick and concise as possible, at a reasonable cost would be the intention.

Take a look at some simple sites:

One-page Site: HERE:

Simple Site example (12 linked pages with images that took some 4 hours to design) - HERE:

More complex example (a 'Template') - HERE:

A local Community Site: HERE: Another local: HERE: A single-page one: HERE: Another one: HERE: Or: HERE.

Initially, iwishihad suggests HERE to search for your Domain and register it.

iwishihad uses a most excellent Australian Host, PANTHUR.

If you wish, iwishihad can perform the complete task for you.

If you wish help, click HERE:

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Ten years of Mac Desktop tidy-up
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