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Saturday, May 10, 2008:

It seems strange that in this Modern Age we object to nudity. We see it all around. On TV ads, papers, even on child cartoons where 'nipples' are shown poking through flimsy clothing! Most of us have no understanding of that which we 'sired,' voluntarily or involuntarily. (Oh! She's 'Up-the duff!' Gotta marry?)


Hard one this! The Law investigates such 'delegates' (Teachers) of, 'YOU' but doesn't investigate, "YOU!"

However, in the Australian town of Narraweena all 'tits' have broken loose due to a primary school female teacher posing nude (with her alledged legal husband) in a magazine some would term, 'Smutty.' HERE.

It seems that; "During last Friday's meeting with the principal, Julie Organ, and the local schools director, Maurice Brennan, Mrs Tziolas was issued with a letter.

"I refer to an article in the magazine Cleo in which your photograph appears accompanied by an article about your personal life,"

The letter said........

Sad this bit of Political Correctness! What would happen? Would the young apply to the magazine in question for future inclusion? Do they really understand the problem 'someone' is raising?

Who raised these concerns? Hopefully not an hijab-wearing objector?

iwishihad wonders why THE CHILDREN involved are not CONSULTED as to whether THEY object!

But then parents FORCE THEIR BELIEFS on sired stuff they really have no future with, they can only ensure the 'bow' from which they are shot, is aimed TRUE?

No doubt 'love' is involved, but 'love of whom?' Themselves? Or the young ones.

Fairly obviously the, 'Objectors' turn out the lights when making love in case, 'nudity' is paramount??


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