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Saturday, January 17th:

It seems strange that in this Modern Age we object to the lack of clothing. We see it all around. On TV ads, papers, scantilly-clan women and men. It's becoming the 'norm' and we do not worry.

However, it goes both ways. Someone NOT wearing clothing may offend our 'opinion.'

A quick glimpse of gonads, tits or vulvas lead to prosecution, should the offender get caught flagrante.

Yet, emanating, slowly, deceitfully, and quietly unknown to us, there are the 'Others' who would cover themselves for Religious reasons, those we do not understand, yet WE 'lie-down' and give-up when these minorities object to OUR LAWS, and WANT THEM CHANGED!

SHE'LL BE RIGHT, MATE! No longer applies! "SHE" will NOT BE RIGHT FOR US!

The apparent philosophy herein is that Female attributes MUST be kept for HUSBANDS, and NOT allowed to be seen by NO-HUSBANDS. OK, quite nice.

Yet, iwishihad would ask, why are there so many rapes of NON-Believers to this "Religion" and not so many of the females within hijabs??

As was said before, fairly obviously the, 'Objectors' turn out the lights when making love in case, 'nudity' is paramount??

iwishihad ponders and lets the right-lobe imagine:


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