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TO BE COMPETENT OR NOT TO BE -- That is the Question?:

Thursday, April 18, 2002:

iwishihad comments about 'Competencies'.

All over the World the ISO9000 Quality System has infused itself during the past decade. Initially established to produce worldwide Quality Conformity for Industry and alleged to initiate the demise of small companies unable to carry the extra 15% 'on-costs' of it's infusion, it retrospectively seems obvious that it's successful tentacles would greedily grasp other areas of our lives. It purported to be a rationalisation and recording of 'procedures', not 'content', with documented 'traceability' in the event of inferior 'Quality' causing malfunctions and problems. Seems strange, this. A Quality Sytem improving the stuff needing to record failure? To be fair, the idea is good but the implementation isn't always in the true ambit of the idea.

Like Hans Anderson's 'Naked King' this Behemoth, once allegedly accused of being 'an elephant on roller-skates', gathered strength, ran over and crushed many 'children' having the sense to 'see'. Yet, still it flows on, strangling and improving our lives. Where is the 'thing' to infuse next iwishihad would ask?

Retrospectively a simple answer. If the Behemoth wishes to control the Quality of that which an engineer produces then, obviously, it 'needs' to control how the engineer got to be one, eh?

Strange? If the Behemoth had applied it's own logic, surely it would have identified a 'procedure'? Industry is formed by beings trained to do the work, no? Then start at 'Training'. Then Industry=Quality? Wait, there's more! Training is required by beings, being 'birthed', no? Then control 'Life'! Yeah! Find the source of the stream to control the stream-flow, no? Oh, well, the Behemoth seems to want to regress in findings. Perhaps there's an hidden logic here?

'Skills'. That attribute the 'over fifties' always had and never thought about. An old 'lexical' gaining 'new life'.

The training assessment now in force in Australia offers those with lifelong experience, but no currently acceptable paper qualifications, assessment via the 'Evidence-Based Judgement' route, an 'holistic*' assessment. A multitude of workers will be interested to see how this 'model' is applied. Betcha they'll be disappointed?

*(tendency in nature to form wholes that are more than the sum of the parts by ordered grouping(?))

This new process will no doubt help make life safer and ensure everyone has the correct 'skill' to perform in this interpersonal#, technological age. Supported by a 'piece of recycled tree-wood, Capstone lexically adorned' substantiating a pass at multiple-choice exam questions, BUT with the wise precaution of 'Workplace Assessment'! BUT assessment by whom? An 'expert' on 'process' with no 'content' expertise. Hmmm?

#(Occurring among or involving several people; "interpersonal situations in which speech occurs.")

The 'Competencies' should remove error, intuition, luck, improve quality, efficiency, employability, verbosity of the lexical kind and incompetencies that have plagued all our lives since before 'Competencies' and 'Skills' were ever lexically reconstituted. Just 'add' 'process-control', mix well and obtain conformity.

'Competencies' will increase costs for small businesses who will be forced to pay for such a wonderful accreditation, (the grand sum of '15% on-costs' comes uncannily to one's left-lobe?) and improve life to the bicameral existence non-conscious man enjoyed some 3000 years ago -- the extinct, ancient, 'God-Voice' dictating from the right-lobe to the left-lobe, containing the recently evolved logical, reflective, critical-thought consciousness, will be replaced by the 'Competency Lexical Capstone'. It will cost, no?

No person will be employable unless a 'Competency' accreditation substantiates the fact. Just in case a problem occurs and the lexical, legal 'sue' enters?

Those of more maturity may be forced to unemployment, die or re-learn that which they have been 'doing' for decades by enrolling in VET Courses, taught by beings of similar age to their youngest child!! "lifelong Learning?" YUK!!!

Perhaps, eventually, no person will be allowed to die unless having the required skill to do so?

The 'Final' Capstone test!


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