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TO BE MALE OR SOMETHING 'ELSE' -- That is the Question?:

Friday, April 26, 2002:

iwishihad comments about 'Feminism', maybe 'gone awry?'.

It appears that a restaurant in a major Australian town has copped the 'SS' treatment from the 'FemiNazi' (ibid: John Laws - a very popular radio personage) Lobby.

The restaurant owner decided to employ waitresses with 'sexy' attire. 'Whys' and 'wherefores' doesn't matter. So, a 'female' or one who, perhaps, is better termed 'Not-Male' to comply with current thinking, objected and into the 'box' this problem ejaculated.

There have been 'topless' waitresses, no? So where's the problem?

(iwishihad could see problems with the 'topless' servers -- 'please stir my soup with your left-one', would definitely be a concern, even more of a concern with male, bottomless waiters?)

But what's wrong with 'nymph-attire'? 'The females are being used as 'sex-objects' is the response. Totally misconstrued by the left-lobe. We are all sex-objects. Male and female. It all went wrong when the law attempted to pacify minorities with the 'big-voting-capability'. A problem with 'left-lobe' consciousness?

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