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Is this the fact?:

The second son of the father had obeyed the internal magister and had killed them that had invaded the abode. There was no conscious thinking stuff involved. It was as the magister ordered but something was 'wrong'. The second son had spared one of the 'wrong' females. It was not known why but perhaps the rock on the ground hitting the head had something to do with the unordered result. The second son had spared a strange woman. Perhaps this one would give pleasure to the penetrating, erect organ of pleasure that created sons to worship the magister. There was no conscious decision here. For some reason the magister had ordered the woman to be spared. Yet this order had started the event within the left-lobe of the second son. Perhaps the concussion had modified the reticular formation, inhibiting the normal chemical reactions, who knows.

The second son dimly 'saw' the others.Those killed, and deep down the seed was sown. They were as 'he' were, but the thought not yet consciouscised.

The spared woman gave the erectness much pleasure over the rest of the second son's life. Many sons were born and they seemed different. Disobedient in an environment where the word was unknown. Perhaps it was the writing on the wood the second son had littered the abode with. Who knows.

All over this biosphere many 'second sons' were born. And third, fourth..............

Slowly the little mindspace developed. 3000 years ago the little analogue, "I", came forth, internally. The internal bicameral, right-lobe magister commenced dying, killed off by those having the reflective , little "I" mindspace, and religion was born to replace that lost.

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