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Friday, January 10, 2003: iwishihad comments about cults:

There's some cult termed 'Raelian' in the current news that appears to have cloned several children and the world's horrified! Apparently, due to insufficient numerical subscription this mob is rated as a 'cult' as opposed to a 'religion'.

Apparently, some French bloke met some aliens while on the way to work (13.12.1973) and was given the 'light' to see. He is now facially hairy, dresses in white robes and, allegedly, has the penetrative 'pick' of the female recipients of the cult. Little 'alien' allegedly came from the alien race 'Elohim' who cloned themselves creating US! Interesting this. 'Elohim', mis-translated over the aeons should be translated as the voice-visions of the bicameral mind after the 'fall', when bicameral man died out. A good place to research Raelian is HERE.

A bit like John Smith and the 'Urim and the Thrummin', no? John was 'given' books made of gold and started a cult now 'recognised' as a 'religion'. This 'mob' when in-transit across the plains of early America had to progenate (new, invented metaphor?) in order to maintain a quorum of 12 males or the religion would defunct. Wot's wrong with females, one's left-lobe suggests? Ah, cloning would have been welcomed here?

Then there's Jesus, a bit different. Unrecorded in history this apparent, unique immaculate conception of the left-lobe had much influence on the modern world. Maybe another 'interpretation HERE?

And Mohammed, again different. Bit difficult this concept. Say too much and one gets to understand what 'free-speech' really is?

Then Buddha, much different but nice. 'Quiet the mind and seek Nirvana'. Surely no logical, left-lobe, little "I" analogue space would mean regression to a Bicameral state? No? An interesting thought, from whence it came unknown?

And on and on and on and on and on and on on and on and on and on and on and on it goes! A search for the bicameral, 'lost-God' speaking and 'visioning' from the right-lobe?' One perceptively perceives? The little, developing, conscious, "I", analogue mindspace got worried in its 'alone-ness' and even today seeks the 'lost-God' of the right-lobe.

And so now. Cloning is the 'BIG' thing. Get everlasting life from replicating a genome with deficiencies? No 'everlasting life' for the metaphor 'soul', a here-and-now physical continuity.

BUT, there's more! Ever wondered how all the 'religions', at least most of 'em, seem to get the prophets of that religion into a situation where they can 'screw' females at whim? Sort of, offer herselves to get screwed by 'God'? Good wun, this. Penile-driven, eh? Should make one be 'suspicious', no? If one researches bicameral man it sort-of makes sense, this cult-religious nonsense, dunnit? Yet, the thought crosses from left to right, why aint God a WOMAN? (HERE again.)

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