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Friday, 21 March 2003

iwishihad, like all the locals, wonders at the drought and local bushfires in this area.

With the demise of bicamerality some 3000 years ago it would seem the spatial-reconstructing little, "I" most-times gets it wrong. Minority groups flourish, expand and are listened to to the detriment of the non-minority groups. Of course, this wasn't always the case when, in the past one could get 'licenced' to shoot the indigenous 'minority groups', again, an awful creative, little, "I" generated 'construct'. A similar idea to that when little, "I", consciousness began 'sparking' and genociding bicameral man.

Interesting this. So indigenous locals must be 'nearer' to bicameral man than the 'immigrants' of only a few centuries ago. Hmmm? Reason validated?

So, or little, "I" attempts a reason why the huge bushfires in the area. Was it the 'Greenies' fault, with their 'stop the burn-offs'? Was it the indigenous peoples fault being too drunk or too satiated with taxpayers handouts to burn-off as they have been doing for centuries?

So, with, perhaps, 'good-intentions' these groups flourish and gain the earoles of the elected right-lobe-God replacement, the Pollies.

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