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Wednesday, 12 November 2003:

iwishihad wonders why, and 25% of the Oz 'workers' probably wonder why Pauline Hanson was in the 'Nick.'

Had she been a lesbian all sorts of protestation would have been continuing for months until the 'voted-in-ungulates' released her. But she aint no lesbo, one believes. [she might be after emanating from incarceration, however?]

Had she 'lied' she might still be free.

Issit fair? She spoke [apparently] 'Her believed 'Truth.' And the two tribal Ungulate parties crapped! 25% of Oz, allegedly, voted for her 'wisdom?'

Is there a moral here? Visit the website and wonder about Free Trade, GAT, the WTO --- never heard of these, have you? You SOON WILL!!

iwishihad ponders and lets the right lobe take over:


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