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A typical herd of UNGULATES:

Charlie was born male. A quiet bub was he. He grew strong and went through the first part of his life with little trouble. Around those 'difficult years' when testosterone commenced flowing within him he became violent. Not always, just when certain confrontations happened. It got worse and the nick didn't help much. Eventually he let it slip to a psychologist that it was 'The Voice' in his head commanding him what to do. Yuk!! So into the 'madhouse' he went. Charlie wasn't 'stupid' so after experiencing electro-makes-you-jump-about-a-bit therapy he was cured and re-entered the work force. He went from job to job but always with the mandatory X% accruing superannuation. Then, as always, Red Dundancy appeared and Charlie had $140,000 to spend for the rest of his life, some say 7 years by today's inflation. And he couldn't take on extra work if he retired on this pittance without paying tax on the bloody thing he had worked for all his life. Yuk!!

Charlie never worried. After all he had an hidden, secret, mental 'guide' protecting him. Some would say 'religion', others, 'God', others, 'Fruitcake'. Then Charlie watched a TV programme where he learnt the pollies had far superior benefits given them for a fraction of the lifetime he had spent earning his 140 kay!

If you had been him at this point you would have heard, "That herd knoweth, Charlie. Their land beith overflowing and the bounty therein beith plentiful. Ye should join them. It beith thy Destiny."

So, Charlie, as always, obeyed his inner voice and canvassed locally as a Parliamentary Candidate using his 140 kay. His 'Inner Instructor' ensuring he did this to allay the future fear of 'red-haired' persecution for any otherwise methodology of raising funding. Of course, he paid tax on it. It was 'judged' to be 'Income'. But he got the tax back as 'Campaign expenses', didn't he?

His platform was, "Vote for me and I will rationalise the pecuniary sacrilege bestowed upon you by those belligerents who have no understanding of the workers in this 'Dream Alive' land.' Internally dictated, verbalised and externally aurally heard.

This was interesting as it couldn't have come from the 'real' Charlie. Must've come from some hallucinogenic, metaphorical, 'internal Charlie version', eh? Anyway, he gained a seat in Canberra.

His first day was interesting on the 'back bench'.

He flew from Outback 'Woop-Woop', First Class. Spent time in the First Class lounges exploring his 'Gold Card' power. Caught a 'white limo' to inspect his 'transient' accommodation and arrived at the 'House'. There, there was a mental 'air' that stimulated his internalisation from his right lobe that soon synchronised the verbalisation he mentally perceived both from external and internal aural anatomical and behavioural group-protective signals. Once the ungulates learned of his experience in mental asylums he gained the portfolio of 'Shadow Health' Minister, yes, Charlie was a member of the 'Opposition Herd'.

Charlie retired after six years of 'Public Service'. Got a pension of 50% of $XXX,000 p.a., Index linked. Was allowed to keep his now quite worn Gold Card, allowing lifetime travel, limited in some fashion. He continues to travel in white limos. He can work without being taxed on his 'benefits'. He received an undisclosed big Superannuation pay out that could be cashed-in immediately even though Charlie was not of retirement age.

It was rumoured he went to the Bahamas. No one knows.

Federally, we're allegedly not allowed to know what benefits like Charlies' cost but the Government allegedly contributes 70 per cent of each member's salary to super every year. Wonder where this money comes from?

Charlie was as insignificant as the rest of us but joined an ungulate Group where, 'employment of a transient nature' is the reason given for 'adequate' retirement benefits! Strange, as we all have employment of a 'transient' nature in today's contract-driven work force.

If you wait at Sydney airport you may catch a glimpse of Charlie with the hope he now has a sun-tan. You may also glimpse other such ungulates. They all carry Gold Cards, are picked up by white limos and have sun-tans.

iwishihad wonders what they auralise from their right-lobes and what the name of their bicameral tribe is?

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