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TO BE SAFE OR 'MORE SAFER' -- That is the Question?:

Monday, June 3, 2002:

iwishihad comments about Safety in this world where working in high-rise offices has become perceptively risky for some.

The importance of OH&S procedures is obvious to anyone working in any environment. iwishihad wonders why it has become so important nowadays to the exclusion, it seems of 'getting the job done' in this 'Dream Alive' land. Perhaps some control on safety should be implemented when it gets to be irresponsible, perhaps an Oh, Help & Scream when OH&S is seen to be getting really stupid. But then, like all things, it is only our perception of the problem. It will be the Courts perception that decides, and of course, it is alleged that the 'deepest pockets', here, 'seem' to always win?

iwishihad ponders, and imagines:

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