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WHAT IS "LIFE"? -- That is THE Question?:

Monday, 21 April 2003:

iwishihad, would comment on this concept that has been so elusive since Disney injected consciousness into dinosaurs.

We are born and we die. In between we search for, "Something Else". That lost? Many religions have evolved over the millenia we have copulated within this biosphere. Even the latter or the former is alien to those now dead, no?

In the West we hold dear the concept of 'laying down Our life for another'. In the Non West it is no different, perhaps, since this is also done, but stealthily, with a "bazoom-jak" laden with C4, et alia?

BUT, the perceived concept is different!

A Westerner may throw Itself on an hand grenade to protect comrades. At least, this is what our little, "I"'s are led to believe.

In the Non West the act is both to "Convert" and gain "Everlasting 'stuff'."

In fact, these actions are developed by "Training" or, as Educationalism would have us believe, by, "Action Learning."

In the West, no thought for self-preservation. Just 'Mates' preservation, no? In the Non West, mere 'Selfishness,' no?

Then there's the case of a "Special Soldier" getting 'arsed' for kicking a dead 'enemy.' The media apparently went wild over this and got it wrong.

Now, ask yourself, having just been deserted by one's little, "I", brought about by "Action Learning," (i.e. Training) the obvious thing to do to check that the bloke spraying you with a "762", and 'losing', is to 'check he aint gonna carry on when you turn your back,' eh? Makes sense, no?

Not, apparently to the Media or the rest of our little, "I"'s?

iwishihad sympathises and horrendously imagines things to come:


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