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Tuesday, 1 April, 2003:

iwishihad comments about the media coverage of the current war:

The ancient UK law of treason in wartime carries the death penalty and is still valid. Prosecutions, in the UK last century for offences of treason that carry the death penalty have all been made in wartime.

The circumstances of treason in wartime make it an especially heinous crime.

Millions of people oppose capital punishment on principle, but such opposition means little when the state is engaged in war. Terrible things happen in war.

Thousands of innocent service men, service women and civilians on both sides of a conflict may die through various acts of war.

Why is it acceptable to countenance the death of an enemy soldier, but NOT the death of someone who betrays his country, or INADVERTANTLY brings about his country's downfall, or prolongs the war by divulging INFORMATION relating to what, where, how many, what they are doing and going to do, via the MEDIA?

In war, the highest priority must be given to protecting our service men and women in the field.


Someone, or some entity who betrays our Service Men and Women in war not only deserves the death penalty, but should receive it as a deterrent to others of like mind.

In WW2 there was a saying: "LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS."

iwishihad would coin a meme: "MEDIA MURDERS OUR SOLDIERS MINDLESSLY."

iwishihad wonders about this long-forgotten TREASON thing and imagines:

Maud had two sons. Twins. Cyril and Fred. Her husband, Tommy, had died when they were quite young and she had to bring them up herself. Although 'Worldly' she always suspected Fred was 'bent', as the saying goes, when he reached maturity, but he was good at 'arty-crafty' stuff and taught her the internet stuff. On the other hand she knew Fred was 'straight' because his bedsheets were difficult to wash and Playboy mags abounded in his room.

Cyril joined a television broadcast company as a Graphic Artist.

Fred joined the British Army.

When Fred was sent to fight in the Iraq war she was worried. The MEDIA eased her problems. "A quick one", it reported the report of the report that the officers in charge had reportedly, perceptively 'said'. Then, as she sat watching the television's "What's happening in Iraq today", there, on the programme, was 'her' Fred! She was sooo happy!

He was alive! Looked great in his uniform. He was, as the media reported, just about to 'rescue' the poor, ill-treated Arabs in a place called "Bazaria".

She rushed to her Mac and invoked 'Goggle' to search for this Iraqi town. To no avail. So she opened her television media bookmarked IE and found that it must have been 'Basra'. Yeah! her little, "I" was elated! Fred was safe and she now knew where he was!

Thanks to the television media!

For the next several weeks she was happy. Cyril came round often. He had been doing the graphic work for the Iraqi conflict at the same televison company she favoured. They both joked about his graphic of the Basra area on this television company info webpage and how Fred was there.

When the 'Official Notification' came she couldn't believe it.

When the post-mortem confirmed that Fred had been 'terminated', not KIA, (a gun had been put INSIDE his mouth to stop his little, "I" and 'mutual' biological functions.) she got ANGRY. She spent the next few weeks searching the 'Net. Getting "Objective", as opposed to MEDIA, help.

She wrote this letter (N.B. Maud's not good at spelling and doesn't know much WP speller-checker-stuff):

Comments invited. Click HERE. (Please have your mailer open.)

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