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-- or, is that a question of perception?

Isabelle wasn't very religious. She had been born and raised within an environment that our little "I"'s would term, 'C of E.' She got pregnant at seventeen and married the nineteeen y-o deflorator, Bruce. She 'thought' she loved him. He had verbalised a reciprocal mentalisation enhancing her perception allowing him naked entry. She named the birthed child, Isabella.

Some three years later Bruce just up and left for no reason. He left behind one of his gun's and ammo from his collection. Isabelle cherished this as a memory (a "reconstruct?") Then she learned she was again pregnant. She named this second wombation, 'Cherry.'

Soon after Cherry's formic physicalisation Isabelle met a nice foreign-looking man, Romano and allowed a de-facto relationship to occur. They set up house and things went great for some three years.

Then things changed. Slowly at first. Romano seemed jealous of the love she gave three y-o Cherry and would get more and more jealous. Isabelle couldn't understand this.

Then it happened.

Romano brutally woke her up brandishing a knife and dragged her into the living room. He told her to sit there. He went to the balcony of the apartment building they lived in and dragged up a rope tied to the balcony rail.

On the other end of the rope Isabelle saw Cherry. Dead. Hanged. She screamed and Romano dropped her dead child, entered the room, hit her and thrust the knife at her throat. She was terrified. Isabella, wakened by the noise came in and rushed to her mum's side. They clutched each other, terrified. Romano removed the rope from the body without the little "I" within, and wrapped it in the tablecloth.

At knifepoint he forced Isabelle to drive them all to Sydney. Along the way he dumped the little "I"-less body of that once called "Cherry." On arrival at Sydney he left the car and disappeared.

Romano was apprehended some months later and stood trial for the murder of Cherry. Isabelle wasn't involved. She was only her mother. Victims, under many World Laws allegedly have no rights. (Excepting Swedish Law.) Therefore victim's families have negative rights?

Romano received a one year sentence for manslaughter. He had pleaded 'diminished responsibility' due to his sexually abused upbringing; death of younger sister and the death of a friend he actually witnessed. (When drunken friend walked under a car?) It was done by "Plea Bargain," behind closed doors. Unchallenged. Accepted by ALL except the VICTIM! (or their representative?)

Isabelle couldn't understand. She was left more alone by this Law than she had been before the happening.

She was stressed out. Stressed to the limit her little, "I," could cope with. "It" gave up. She got "Religion."

No, not as anyone could 'see,' just the stress evoking the awakening of her right lobe, bicameral, "God," and the 'blue-screening' of her left lobe reflective, analogue, little "I" spatialisation.

One year later, as Romano was released from prison, a Volvo drew up and an hooded figure within the vehicle 'kneecapped' him. Quite surgically and accurately.

It took some three months in a Public hospital and a lot of pain before Romano could walk again.

As he left the hospital a Volvo drew up and Romano's little, "I" left his bioplasmic form via the 38-generated, quite large, exit hole in the rear of his head.

Isabelle was arrested and tried for murder. She pleaded 'Diminished Responsibility." Her argument was that, as a "Victim's representative" she allegedly had no rights under law. Therefore, as a murderer she could have rights. She admitted having murdered Romano. Deliberately.

But: -- She pleaded that she had done so according to the instruction she had received from her "God." (The bicameral one, within the right lobe.) This "Voice," had "Instructed" her to take this action. "Vengeance be mine, saith the Lord."

She was committed for psychiatric evaluation. Hearing voices is a current no-no. Telling unchallenged, unsubstantiated lies acceptable.

The Law still clutches at "Plea Bargain" to SHOW us "Plebs," that Justice is meeted-out!

Without the true, personal, adjudication of a bicameral internal Magister it can do no more.


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