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QUICKTIME Standalone Installer:

Quicktime allows you to play a range of video and audio clips including MP3 audio.

It is also used for a very good training method adopted by VTC.

Mac OS ----- GET Quicktime (PC): It's FREE!! ----- Win OS

FREE Training Packages (Usable demonstrations from VTC)

Learn to use your software effectively either by graphic examples online or CD.

AMAZE your friends. Be an expert. LEARN how powerful YOU are!

(Please enable COOKIES if they are not already enabled.)

You can FREELY TRIAL these training methods ONLINE (IF you have Quicktime)

When you realise this is VERY USEFUL, then BUY CD's or register for ONLINE learning.


Learn at your own rate in your own time. You ALWAYS have 'teacher' with you!

Because you ALWAYS have access to YOUR LEARNING!!


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ten years of mac desktop tidy-up
Ten years of Mac Desktop tidy-up
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