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Existing forms of liquid spreadables (jam, marmite, honey, butter et alia) are available packaged in small plastic containers for the use of hotels, motels et alia. This invention seeks to improve such containers by incorporating the means of application of the spreadable within the structure of the spreadable container.

REFERENCE figure 1:Concept drawing of the container:

The invention consists of an hollow compressible container (1) having a flat rigid knife section (5) at one end, this knife section having an hollow form (section A-A) expanding along its length as shown by section B-B, to the hollow compressible handle (8) containing the bulk of the liquid spreadable. In one form of the embodiment, the handle end may be sealed during manufacture after filling with the required spreadable, the mode of sealing being varied according to the type of manufacturing process. In another form of the embodiment, the end of the handle may be constructed such that it retains lid (2) after filling thus allowing the user to refill the container in future. Hollow knife-blade (5) has holes or slits (6) along its serrated edge to allow the container contents to be squeezed out by pressure on handle (8) and dispensed directly at the hollow knife-blade surface containing the liquid spreadable content. Scabbard (7) is placed over knife-blade (5) and secured to stop emission of contained contents in transit.

In an alternative embodiment, clip (3) may be formed as part of the removable lid (2) to allow the user to carry the container within a pocket.

In another embodiment clip (4) serves an identical purpose for a container with the end sealed at the time of manufacture.

Other forms of the container are clear by inspection in that lid (2) may contain a user-closed orifice in lieu of holes within the hollow knife-blade, to allow emission of the contents, while handle (8) may also be designed to have an exit for the spreadable contents which is accessed by removing the knife-section, this knife-section being solid in nature.

Many modifications may be made to the present invention in terms of fabrication material chosen to implement it, methods of manufacture or style and internal construction devices to improve the liquid spreadable extraction, as would be apparent to those persons skilled in the art of packaging et alia.

These and other modifications may be made without departing from the true ambit of the invention, the nature of which is to be determined from the aforegoing description and depiction in figure 1.

The Claim defining the invention is as follows:

A compressible container for liquid spreadable substances, constructed and operating substantially as herein described and illustrated with reference to figure 1, consisting of an hollow-blade knife connected to, but not necessarily integrally formed as part of, a compressible hollow handle, this knife-handle assembly comprising the container, the container internal volume being filled with any form of liquid spreadable substance which can be squeezed out from exit apertures along one edge of the knife section, and dispensed at the time of discharge directly at the knife-blade surface containing the spreadable contents, for example to a slice of bread, should the spreadable substance be butter et alia, the knife section being covered by a removable suitably-shaped scabbard for sealing purposes.

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