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Sunday, 23 November 2003:

iwishihad notes, this day, it's interesting to live in this world where we are all 'Fundamentalist' to some degree.

In the West we have 'freedom' (?) to elect those whom we 'perceive' within our little, reconstruct "I" mindspace, the 'best' to replace our 'Lost-God' of right-lobe, bicameral times, to 'tell us what to do'.

The "best" here have risen to Government status.

In the Middle / Far East a tribal genus still exists and is not understood by the West. The West, a 'Christian Fundamentalist,' "Culture" has 'learnt' to 'turn the other cheek' and expects this from dealing with the non-West cultures. It don't work.

The West has imposed many restrictions on the non-West that are now returning, many-fold. The Brits / Yanks by 'drawing a line on a map' to designate Kuwait, Israel et alia, all for 'Gain.' The occupants therein have either been 'Inserted as 'nice-ones'', or left to defend the territory inscribed for them depending on their usefulness to the West that dynamically changes with time. Yesterday's 'mates' become tomorrow's 'Enemies'.

Move Israel to UK or Tasmania and the Palestine problem will cease. But the people of Kent or Surrey or Melbourne et alia may become opposing 'Fundamentalists'.

If the UN couldn't stop the Iraqi war then it wastes OUR tax money used to underpin it! Therefore, what use is it???

Bin Laden is (apparently) supported by many Saudi blokes who have pockets filled with US $ but operate under 'taqia'.

The West also (unknowingly) operates in this fashion but knows this as 'Lying.' For what end? Of course, the mighty, "$$$$$!" That brings, 'Freedom?'

What is the 'Truth?' The media cares not? It merely reports the death and destruction not the smaller happenings. These aren't 'News', no?

Places like THIS gives one's imagination food for thought, no?

iwishihad digs deep to unearth a possible solution:


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