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The quotation from Julian Jaynes above is very worrying, or, at least it should be, since it reveals a lot about us 'human beings' and our place in this biosphere, providing your perceptivity hasn't been consciousised into subjectivity by your little mind-space, "I", and decided, ignoramously to 'blow things up' to convert the 'devils'.

Each day 'we' die, a little, but don't want to and do not really want to realise this. We hang onto our little reconstruct 'mind-space' of consciousness hoping that 'God' will reveal Himself (Herself or Itself.) Funny, this. Why not, 'Herself'? (Try HERE for one answer.)

Us Westerners 'know' that 'God' made us in 'His' image, ('Her' image?) and wants us to be happy with 'Him' ('Her'?) in the 'next life', don't we? (God cannot be an "It" cannit? Who would take orders from an "It"? ) This 'image' lies within our 'soul'? (i.e. possibly a metaphor for something now long-dead?)

Funny how all the religions are masculine in terms of the 'Boss', ennit? But then, having 'penetration' with little males is permitted, even encouraged in 'some' religions, ennit?

Funny how if we are 'good' here we will get rewards in 'heaven' , sort-of et-alia?:

Consciousness is still developing? It's an anachronism? Bicameral man 'apparently' was 'in-tune' with nature, perhaps, unconsciously. He listened to his 'right-lobe' emissions and was thence directedly content with life since he had no consciousness of consciousness? He just, 'Was' and 'Did'. When we reflect (some people prefer 'remember'), we see (reconstruct) ourselves -- or the 'image' we think we are, within our 'mindspace' we mentally create doing the stuff we 'imagine' we were doing at the time our little 'I' believes what we want! Yuk! Very important is this! It means that memory DOESN'T ALWAYS exist WHEN it concerns our CONCEPT of US.

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