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Sunday, 22 June 2003:

iwishihad apologises for recurrency. It seems the previous fetish of "Workplace Assessment," ( Behemoth derived?) appears to be erecting, in a tissue-solidifying way, once more, if not more'n once, again. We can only plead that it must have some relevance as it emanates from our collective, bicameral un-consciousness and concern for the future of this dreamalive land.

It would matter not to those subjected, unknowingly, to it's stupidity. Those of not-much-lifelong learning. No? (Duh! The current "Youth?")

The ancient concept of an 'Apprentice' has been relegated to Harry Potter stuff. Nowadays one uses "Trainee?" Apply for a job and one has to be "Accredited for the task." A bit of paper with lexical squiggles, "BS..... yadda yadda" VALIDATES you are CAPABLE? (Or, invalidates this?) Once you got the job, "Workplace Validation" ensues. Wanna payrise? Wanna put stuff in the water in the bucket you use to mop the floor with? Cannot! Except with further "Validation!"

It would seem good to have such conformity. But, iwishihad would transgress time and shift the Sixties to this dreamalive land NOW, and imagines:


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