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TO BE 'EXPERIENTIAL' OR 'CAPSTONIAL' -- That is the Question?:

Saturday, 17 May, 2002:

iwishihad comments about Behemoth II, the 'Capstone Millstone' in this 'Dream-Alive' land:

The NTIS library of 'Standards' for 'Skills' Conformity continues to grow and is slowly encapsulating itself throughout our current lives. A system of 'Conformity' applicable to everything, it appears, in our lives. Reasonable one might say. At last a measurement methodology ensuring, for example, Electricians qualifying in Victoria do not have to spend four years requalifying if they move to other States. Yahoo! Their work-standards will be the same, judged against the 'Standard', 'Capstone' 666 Competencies Conformity Test. Very reasonable and admirable in this instance, guarded by a very strong Union.

But, to what depths will this go in the workforce? Who will be affected? The young will accept not knowing any better, but what about those 'life-long', experiential workers waiting to capitalise on that thing that's been earning investment companies billions, -- The 'Super'? Those lifelong 'types' who helped to shape this Nation?

iwishihad muses on one possible type of outcome that may be magnified a billionfold, and imagines:


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