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-- is the "Majick" Bible next?

Monday, 2 July 2003:

iwishihad wonders at this as reported in the Australian paper The Age:

"Christian school bans Potter books July 2 2003.

Author JK Rowling's Harry Potter boy wizard stuff banned by a conservative Christian school in Melbourne because they "promote" witchcraft. The Harry Potter series will not adorn the library shelves of the Maranatha Christian College in Doveton and Endeavour Hills because of the school's policy on fantasy.

Principal Bert Langerak, who said he has read (????) the latest children's bestseller, said the school's policy on fantasy recognised books that portray evil as good.

"The Potter books portray and promote witchcraft as normal," he told Melbourne radio station 3AW.

"It's a problem because as Christians we would say witchcraft and that kind of thing is not good, and yet Rowling portrays it as being good."

The fifth book in the series, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," was released late last month and instantly hit the number-one bestseller spot around the world."

iwishihad sadly wonders what our little, "I'"s have come to.

Perhaps there is no majick within the bible?

The latin Mass of Catholics is in dust.

No-one today "turneth water into wine?" "Raisethith the dead?"

Is this truth?

Therefore, we turn to mystics to replace that the "Conscious," little, "I", generated by "Lexicality" some 3000 years ago, causing the demise of bicameral man who heard the voice of God, is now, like a Phoenix, arising to achieve that lost in potty books?

iwishihad majickally imagines:


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