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Sunday, 3 August 2003:

It would appear that Karol has, at last had the courage to comment on the minority group amongst us who could be classed as "backdoor-boys." Perhaps turning into a pillar of salt may be the latent Bicameral reason?

All sorts of religicoso are now coming out of the "closet" in support.

iwishihad wonders why?

"Guts," maybe? Or just a "Closet" homophobic natural response from the majority groups persecuted for so long by those "Shit-poker" minority groups that the fillum Braveheart indicated before Longshanks threw "one such pusher" from the tower. (Missed it? Hire it and check - or here's de script:)

A brave-heart move in this flexible society obsessed with inflexible flexibility of flexible protruberances and receptacles when the urge takes it.

iwishihad wonders where it will thrust-to and tempts one's back-orifice:


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