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Sunday, 13 April 2003:

iwishihad wonders whether the above has now become outmoded in the West within current times. Is it even believed? We see demonstrations in the West against all sorts of little, "I" perceived concepts. The Law has become so 'accommodating' and incomprehensible to us 'Common' people.

A huge gulf has developed between the West and the 'other' Cultures. We saw a demonstrating student trying to stop a tank in China some years ago but when the uprising was quelled by China we labelled Her, "Despotically Dictatorial."

In Ireland some Irish blow others up, and themselves (by accident) to make a perceptive point of their perception.

In the Middle East, likewise. But here the blower-uppers deliberately demise in devious, diabolical detonation.

The problem is the Western Law cannot apply to all cultures. Many immigrants to the West, and some indigenous types also, still hang on to their old culture and allegedly find the Western Law a joke, allegedly using it to their advantage.

Yet, this Law calls such opinion, "Discrimination." Burn the American Flag in the Middle East and it's perceived as 'Hate" by those such inflamed.

Burn the Australian Flag in Australia and it's seen as a 'joke' or 'demonstration,' against the Country supporting them. The 'action' is identical, The perception 'different.' The punishment? Nothing.

A soldier, even in wartime, cannot kill a civilian. Yet a civilian has no such rule to abide by. Ah, the ole 'Queensbury Rules' have vapourised. Even in the game of cricket!

iwishihad, ponders, at the loss of our bicamerality and imagines:


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