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Sunday, 1 June 2003:

iwishihad wonders about many things. We believe we exist. Eh? Yeah!

We interact with others believing the same thing, no?

It hurts when something clashes with our physical form? It also 'hurts' when the little internalised, "I' also 'gets hurt? A bit different, somewhat? No?

Mentalise internal 'hurt.' Can you? A youthful "lost-love." Yeah! Humping and humped was probably the reason? Or Dad or Mum was nasty to us, at the time our little, "I" developed, no? Progesterone or oestrogen-generated? Modified by the little, "I", confusing the physical "smashing" feeling the bicameral physiology we still have is wont to relinquish. No? Nice, at the time? No?

Shove a spike up your anus, a bit different, that physically hurts? Unless you have non-procreative tendencies. Eh? Quantify the feeling. It, 'seems' the same? Not quite. Sometimes the feeling, "Poofs?"

The law seems not to understand the difference. If one kills a physical form, the ancient "commandments of no killing" emanates. Killing an internally conceptualised mindspace, the little "I," gets nothing?

The "Internal" conceptualised, personal, reflectively-generated analogue mindspace, where we ALL live, was never comprehended when this physical law emanated. Was it?

When were you born? Who were you before then? When you die who are you after that time?

Bloody worrying, ennit? Much better to have been Bicameral and be TOLD what to do by the "God" speakething from the right-lobe, ennit?

iwishihad, ponders, at the loss of our bicamerality and imagines:


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